Secret behind Success of Women CFOs by Maureen O’Connell

Originally written by Maureen O’Connell, Scholastic Inc.

Women have shown that they are indispensable and they can win wherever they go. They have performed their best in the corporate financial sector for years now, but only a few have made to the top position, by becoming a CFO.

It was their urge to master new skills, work beyond their comfort zone that has helped them get to the position. Women who are there share that it was these traits that have helped them reach where they are today. While some of them were born with the traits, others have inculcated it among themselves while working.


The most important thing that has helped any woman to be successful as a CFO is their willingness to work beyond their comfort zone. They have tried to see the benefits that can be derived beyond those limits and have successfully implemented those in their professional life. When they have ventured out from their comfort zone, at first, they may have faced certain obstructions, but beyond that, they have gained experiences that have helped them to reach the top most stair of their career. Naturally, their self-confidence has got a great boost!

It’s true that in order to go beyond one’s comfort zone it needs determination as well as self-belief. In order to incorporate the self-belief one need to practice what they are doing and excel in it. Mistakes done should be made learning experiences that will help in taking future decisions.


Next thing that is required for getting to the top position is inquisitiveness, and women are quite famous for it! So, why not utilize this skill that has been incorporated by nature in women. The only thing that is required is to channelize the desire to learn so that the learning can be implemented in bringing out the best in women. Participating in training programs and webinars are great for honing the skills that one already has.

Along with that, it is important to accept anything new, from wherever it comes. Knowledge is most important for growth and by channelizing the knowledge in the right path will help a woman professional to reach the position that was thought to be reserved for men only!


While working as a CFO the main goal is not only to promote the company but become a figure on whom the board will rely. One needs to understand that sometimes they have to produce is truth in front of the CEO or the Board of Directors, however unwanted they are.

One should be able to integrate their interest with the best interest of the business. this will help a woman to win the confidence in the world of me.